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Social Media explanation in 2020

What Is Social Media? Internet based life is PC based innovation that encourages the sharing of thoughts, considerations, and data through the structure of virtual systems and networks. By plan, online life is web based and gives clients brisk electronic correspondence of substance. Content incorporates individual data, archives, recordings, and photographs. Clients draw in with online life by means of PC, tablet or cell phone through electronic programming or web application, regularly using it for informing. 
While web based life is pervasive in America and Europe, China and India presently lead the rundown of online life use. 

Understanding Social Media Online life started as an approach to associate with loved ones yet was later received by organizations which needed to exploit a well known new specialized strategy to contact clients. The intensity of web based life is the capacity to associate and offer data with anybody on Earth, or with numerous individuals all the while. 

What is Social Media Actually and Advantages and disadvantages of social media :)

Social Media may be a media that's different from all other media (print, electronic and parallel media). Social media creates a virtual world through the web which a user can access using any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) etc.

In today's era, social media has become an important part of life, which has many features, such as providing information, entertaining and educating mainly.

What is social media..?

Social media is a nontraditional media. This creates a virtual world that can be accessed through the Internet. Social media may be a huge network, which keeps the entire world connected. It is a very good medium of communication. It involves the exchange of information at a rapid pace, which contains news from every field.

Social media plays a positive role by which a person , institution, group and country etc. can be made economically, socially, culturally and politically prosperous. There have been many developmental works done through social media that have enriched democracy, which has increased the unity, integrity, secularism, socialist qualities of any country.

We see many examples, which corroborate the above, in which one can see 'INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION', which was a campaign against corruption which was fought on the streets as well as on social media due to which the huge crowd Anna Connected with Hazare's movement and made it influential.

During the 2014 general election, political parties played an important role in making the general public aware of the election using fierce social media. The use of social media in this general election increased the voting percentage, as well as increased awareness among the youth about the election. A large number of youths took to the streets to bring justice to 'Nirbhaya' through social media, forcing the government to enact a new and more effective law under pressure.

Social media may be a great platform for spreading popularity, where an individual can make himself or any of his products more popular. Today, the trailer of flicks , TV programs also are being broadcast through social media. Video and audio chats have also been facilitated through social media, with Facebook, Whats App, Instagram being some of the major platforms.

While social media plays a positive role, some people also misuse it. Such people try to divide people by spreading maliciousness by using social media in a wrong way. Misleading and negative information is shared through social media, which adversely affects the public. At times, there is so much talk that the government becomes strict on misuse of social media and we have seen that The government even has to ban social media in a state like Jammu and Kashmir. Social media was also banned in the farmers' agitation in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra so that anti-social elements could not carry out any major incident under the guise of the peasant movement.

Just as a coin has two sides, social media also has two sides, which are as follows :-

Impact of social media in daily life

• It is a very fast communication medium

• It gathers information in one place

• Nobody owns any content here in any way.

• Provides easy news

• Photos, videos, information, documents, etc. can be shared easily.

• For all classes, such as educated class or uneducated class

Side effects of social media

• It provides a lot of information out of which a lot of information is also misleading.

• Information can be twisted in any way.

• Cyber crime is the biggest problem related to social media.

• By changing the nature of any information, it can be made provocative which has nothing to do with reality.

• Lack of original source with no owner of content here.

• Privacy completely dissolves.

• Editing photos or videos can spread confusion, sometimes resulting in the possibility of riots.


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