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How to restrict copying by viewers in Facebook Page

Individuals in certain nations can download recordings to Facebook. This permits them to watch recordings on Facebook without a web association and without utilizing additional versatile information. At the point when somebody downloads a video to Facebook, the video is put away in the Facebook application, not on their cell phone.  To keep individuals from downloading your Page's recordings to Facebook:-  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.  2. Go to your Page.  3. Snap Settings at the highest point of your Page.  4. From General, click Content Distribution.  5. Snap to check the container close to Prohibit downloading to Facebook.  6. Snap Save Changes.  In the event that you decide to permit video downloading, remember that individuals can't see a video they've downloaded to Facebook if:  You erase the video from your Page.  You change the crowd of the video and they're not in the new crowd. Profiles  A profile is a put on Facebook where you can sha

5 Upcoming Social Media Platforms to Watch 2020

What are the upcoming social media platforms in 2020 and beyond that is the focus of this Article. when it comes to any new social media media you know traffic's also you know getting your name out there that kind of thing getting you know he's all about quick fast speed and being efficient and getting yourself on these platforms as soon as possible there's no such thing as waiting and you know anticipating whether things will work out or not okay. So and this is this is something that a lot of people have problem with which is you know how if I jump on board with a particular social media platform what if it you know bums out what if it basically you know I put myself out there I put my brand out there and the social media platform doesn't take off or it dies out well that's the risk that you've got to take and if you don't take the risk then you won't know whether it actually worked or not.

Those people I'll give you an example those people that adopted back in 2012, 2011 they took you know when Instagram was a very small platform those people that jumped on board on Instagram and got their message out there are reaping the benefits today right then you had the likes of MySpace and there was other companies you know social media platforms that didn't work out but that's just you know something that happens anyway so taking on board you know what I've said you what some of the upcoming social media platforms.

1. Lasso 

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The next platform is lasso okay lasso is basically Facebook's version of tik-tok so Facebook is always looking around always hunting always thinking of acquiring or doing something which is similar so that they always have market a market to tap into right because they are always looking for ways to you know expand they bought out Instagram why did they buy an Instagram because they knew the the reach that Instagram will have had a late assignment they bought our Instagram and today they are reaping the rewards so Facebook are you know basically they've created something like tik-tok allied an app called lasso okay lasso and this is something that you know you've got videos that again are short videos and you can check out this platform.

2. Tik Tok  

The first social media platform that you should be paying attention to is tik-tok heard of tick to sure you have heaven okay cool basically tik tok is a place where these kiddies right now 16 to year-old are hanging around in fact my 12 year old son has got to talk and it's kind of worrying because he's always you know viewing these short videos and he's always you know showing me these short videos and he's into like gaming and what have you and that's okay fine but the point is that you've got tick tik tok which is an emerging platform and it is gaining momentum as we speak so in 2018 it was the fourth most downloaded app for 2018 and right now a lot of young folks are on tik tok so if you have a business that is focused on the younger generation and you know it could be in e-commerce it could be in different different it could be anything right that is gonna basically get a younger audience you're looking for that you could tap into tik-tok now with tiktok.
It is a younger audience right now but I feel that as marketers start looking at ways of monetization as they start looking at ways of branding as they look at ways and opportunities there are going to be more people on tik tok who are no longer the younger generation there will be a much older generation because tik tok is all about short videos and it's basically Instagram but short videos that's what takes on tick talks about and then you've got the added bonus of filters and fun effects and overlays and all that stuff right which a which the younger generation are using a lot right now again like I said to you before tik tok you know it's um you know in its infancy it's something that you can tap into right now for your business and just start building a brand and play around with it and see if this is something that is gonna work for you some of you may be well ahead of the curve some of you may be using to talk quite regularly and you may know the ins and outs of the platform etc and some of you probably may not have heard of it the point is getting on board and trying things out.

3. Zero 

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the next one Zero I don't know if you've heard of it the cool thing about Zero is right now it is a platform without ads or algorithms okay so just think of it this way right zero ads zero algorithms so any social media posts or any social media information that you'll get on the platform will be more than likely more authentic because of the less ads and algorithms that are working in place right now it's saying here long is perfect for companies that want to builds stronger more meaningful relationship with their audience so think about it-right is if you're like marketer an online marketer and you want to build a relationship with your with your people whether it's you know 50 people or 500 people think about a platform where you can reach out to them you can basically take them across platform from one platform to another easily bring them to your email list.

You know bring them to your blog make them you know know about you know about your brand know about your business and take it from there so you can use platforms that the ones that are mentioning and your traditional like Facebook's and Instagram and Twitter's and all these other places and build your brand using these platforms right siphoning traffic from these platforms the key word is siphoning right getting traffic from getting leads from getting people to know about your business okay very important right and not just relying on these platforms don't rely on these platforms because you don't own these platforms right you bring these people across to your to your blog to your site to your email list and build your list and build your audience right and build your tribe build your tribe like how Russell Bronson talks about it in his expert-secrets book right build your tribe build your audience right but don't rel yon these platforms siphon traffic okay so I think I've write  enough about that and then you've got another one.

4. Steam  App

which is another social media site steam it okay now steam it is basically it's feels like a alternative right but really it's not okay users here users can create content or a wide range of subjects such as travel photography music or sports rights house team it works is when you post content or you interact with content on their platform then they start paying you they actually pay you cryptocurrency called steam okay the platform steam it pays you right and for any content that you post out or any Content that you curate okay and that money you can convert that crypt money you can convert into real money right so that's pretty cool let me grab okay so that's pretty cool right then.

5. Caffeine

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The last platform that you should be checking out is caffeine is the next platform that you can check out and caffeine is basically social broadcasting platform which is similar to twitch and twitch is if you don't know about twitch it's all about gaming it's all about these guys who are into gaming and they're doing live streams okay so caffeine this social media platform broadcasting platform is it allows you to do live streaming okay and live streaming videos are gonna be are going to be in fact they already are but will be even more so right more so important and relevant because people will want to see brands go live okay so later on people want the audience who want their brands to go live and to be able to interact with them live okay now the one thing that you want to take away from this video is what I've talked about these five upcoming social media platforms okay in 2020.

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