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How to restrict copying by viewers in Facebook Page

Individuals in certain nations can download recordings to Facebook. This permits them to watch recordings on Facebook without a web association and without utilizing additional versatile information. At the point when somebody downloads a video to Facebook, the video is put away in the Facebook application, not on their cell phone.  To keep individuals from downloading your Page's recordings to Facebook:-  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.  2. Go to your Page.  3. Snap Settings at the highest point of your Page.  4. From General, click Content Distribution.  5. Snap to check the container close to Prohibit downloading to Facebook.  6. Snap Save Changes.  In the event that you decide to permit video downloading, remember that individuals can't see a video they've downloaded to Facebook if:  You erase the video from your Page.  You change the crowd of the video and they're not in the new crowd. Profiles  A profile is a put on Facebook where you can sha

How to Break Your Social Media Addiction

The celebrated administration specialist, Peter Drucker, once stated, "Let me know "what you worth, and I may trust you, "yet show me your schedule and "your bank articulation, and I'll show "you what you truly worth." And it's actual. While I may state that I esteem truth, equity, and continually eating my spinach, a nitty gritty investigate those two troves of data would yield very various answers. Delving into my bank explanations would uncover a gigantic measure of cash spent of espresso, and wooden little persons from eBay, and a gander at my schedule, not my Google schedule, yet a genuine continuous log of my life's occasions, if such thing were conceivable to assemble, would reveal insight upon way additional time than I want to concede, spent looking through Instagram, and Twitter, and other web based life applications. 

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I would wager that if we somehow happened to take a gander at your schedule, we would see something comparable, if not more awful. Correlations aside, however, I think it is protected to state that a large portion of us, myself notwithstanding, invest a greater amount of our energy and consideration than we might want to on these applications, if we somehow managed to take a gander at our lives from a progressively objective feathered creatures eye see. Also, that is the reason, today, I wanna give you a few hints for breaking your internet based life fixation. Regardless of whether you really consider it a compulsion, or whether you're trying to claim ignorance. Presently, as canny and long-lasting watchers of this channel may know, I am a major enthusiast of the writer Kyle Newport, particularly his book Deep Work, which really has a section called Quit Social Media. Given that reality, you might be amazed to realize that I'm not going to suggest stopping online networking in this video. 

At any rate, not front and center, and that is on the grounds that I'm a supporter of balance, and I additionally perceive that web based life can bring a ton of advantages, yet alongside those advantages come disadvantages, and as the ex-Facebook information researcher, Jeffrey Hammerhead once stated, "The best personalities of my age are thinking "about how to make individuals click promotions." And obviously, to make you click those advertisements, those brains likewise need to consider how to save you on their foundation for whatever length of time that conceivable, which implies that, at any rate, these things are carefully built to be immense time-sinks, yet that isn't the main analysis you can level against them. They additionally can satisfy you a less individual, as rehashed research has appeared. At the point when you're investing a huge amount of your energy looking through these feeds of fastidiously created posts that show the features of individuals' lives, including individuals that you likely know, in actuality, and you're contrasting them, now and again subconsciously,to your own life, the whole thing, imperfections and everything, you can begin to make correlations that truly discouraged your bliss.

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So the inquiry is, how would you utilize these instruments, and treat them like apparatuses, to get their advantages, while maintaining a strategic distance from the disadvantages. How about we start off with something that is anything but difficult to do,kill your notices. Warnings resemble that ringing ringer that caused Pavlov's mutts to salivate, just as opposed to giving you food, they convey a speedy dopamine surge as another remark, or DM, or post from another person. Presently, there is nothing amiss with checking these posts, or noting your DMs, however when you take a gander at them because of a warning, you're building up a propensity, you are setting up a hankering, and when those notices come, later on, you will have less mental guards for maintaining a strategic distance from them. Furthermore, the issue, here, is that these warnings have no regard for your time, or the way that you need long, continuous times of fixation to really complete your work. 

So go into your telephone's notice settings, for every single web-based social networking application that you have, and annihilate those notices. Furthermore, I will recommend that you overhaul your telephone's home screen to expel every single social medium applications from it, and this is something that I really did as of late. You may have seen the video that I put out only two or three months back, on my iPhone home screen, yet even that home screen design has now gone the method of the dodo, since it had internet based life applications on there. I think Twitter was on there,and Instagram was on there. What's more, at that point, I sort of advocated it, on the grounds that, as a substance maker, I utilize those stages for my work. In any case, I am likewise a consumer,on those stages, and more frequently than I enjoyed, I wound up looking through them, burning through my time, so I just got them completely off my home screen. I made a whole second page of applications on my telephone, and I covered each one of those online life applications within envelopes.

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So in the event that I wanna go to one,I need to search for it. It's an extremely purposeful thing. Presently, on the off chance that you are on an iPhone, similar to me, there is one thing you need to do, past simply pushing those applications into organizers, You need to really side road Sir's proposals, also, on the grounds that, for my situation, when I would swipe down to look for an alternate application that wasn't on my home screen, I would consistently observe Instagram and Twitter staying there, which is essentially a similar thing as having them on the home screen. So on the off chance that you are on an iPhone, you can go into the settings, you can go into Siri application proposals, and you can cripple them on an application by-application premise. Presently, to recommend another choice that would really discredit the need to do the entirety of that, imagine a scenario in which you just utilized online networking on your PC. The issue with web based life applications on your telephone, and perhaps the greatest thing we're attempting to escape from, here, is that they can get unavoidable all through your whole life, and that is on the grounds that your telephone is in your pocket, or in your tote, throughout the day, which means you have constant,easy access to these apparatuses.

Yet, if you somehow happened to erase all these applications off of your telephone, you'd even now have the option to utilize a large portion of them on your PC, in an increasingly purposeful way. Perhaps some of them are somewhat difficult to get to, as Snapchat. I'm not even sure in the event that you can get to that on a PC, yet the majority of them do have a work area site, and actually, my companion Martin even figured out how to post his photographs on his Instagram profile utilizing a personal computer. So in case you're winding up thoughtlessly opening Twitter, or Snapchat, or Instagram, on your telephone constantly, take a stab at erasing those applications from your telephone, and simply utilizing them on a PC, for a little while. Perceive how that works out for you. Presently, returning to that issue of web based life getting inescapable, all through your whole life, the following recommendation I have is to intentionally just utilize it at a particular time. Treat online networking like you treat Netflix, or computer games, or whatever else that you just do at explicit places and times, and in the event that you needed assistance upholding this, you could utilize a Website and application blocking apparatus, similar to Freedom, which is the one that I use, and this has been a useful instrument for me.

 I use it to hinder a wide range of internet based life locales, things like Reddit and Hacker News, and a wide range of different spots that I will in general sit around idly on, during my mornings, with the goal that way, rather than hesitating during those hours, I'm composing, or I'm perusing, or I'm really completing my work. Presently, up until now, all we've discussed is the double decision of utilizing these online life applications at explicit times or not utilizing them, yet this next tip in reality sort of gets into the center ground, since internet based life devices and applications are really assortments of various highlights. Take Facebook, for instance. Facebook has the news source, yet it likewise has the envoy device, and it additionally has the occasions apparatus, and the gatherings instrument, and a portion of those devices may really be helpful to you, similar to delivery person, or the gatherings, while others, similar to the news channel, might be totally valueless in your life. So as opposed to asking yourself, "Should I square it or should I use it?" imagine a scenario where you obstructed certain highlights

in the event that you utilize an apparatus like To do book, you can really hinder the news channels of most significant online life stages, and different Websites, as Reddit and Hacker News, so you can just utilize the more helpful capacities, and when you go to take a gander at the news source, you're going to see a plan for the day, helping you to remember things that you should do. Alright, so we've discussed the entirety of the reasonable center ground answers, and now we will get to the subject of, would it be a good idea for you to stopped online networking? Or then again would it be a good idea for you to in any event quit utilizing certain internet based life stages in the manner that you are as of now utilizing them? So in his book, Deep Work, the writer, Kyle Newport, discusses something many refer to as the"any advantage approach", which is something that individuals use to legitimize utilizing internet based life apparatuses. They fundamentally state, if there's any advantage that I can escape this, that may improve my life, regardless of how little of an improvement it might make, I am supported in utilizing it. What's more, as he writes in the book, "The issue with this methodology, "obviously, is that it overlooks all the negatives "that join the instruments being referred to. "These administrations are built "to be addictive, burglarizing time "and consideration from exercises that all the more straightforwardly support "your expert and individual objectives." So in the event that those objectives are a need for you, at that point you ought to truly ask yourself, "Do I need all the web based life accounts "that I as of now have?" And you can likewise get more granular than that, too, for example, asking, "Do I need this specific application on my telephone. 

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For instance, I don't keep the Pinterest application on my telephone, since I find that it's only a period squanderer, there, however I haven't erased my record altogether, since I do see it as a helpful archive of plan, motivation, and thoughts, that I can go take a gander at, when I wanna, state, update my Website. Yet, then again, I found, as of late, that Snapchat offered me no worth, whatsoever,so I really went in and erased my record, there. What's more, that carries me to my last tip, here, which is for individuals who feel that they are genuinely dependent on the online life stages. On the off chance that of the various tips in this video haven't helped you up until now, on the off chance that you can't avoid opening these applications and burning through your time on them, at that point attempt a multi day genuine internet based life detox. Escape totally from every last bit of it. Furthermore, the initial step to doing that would erase those web based life applications off of your telephone, hindering the Websites on your PC, making it for the most part as troublesome as conceivable to get to them. Remember that your capacity to keep up self-teaches exceptionally impacted by your condition, so simply like someone who's on a tight eating routine and attempting to stay away from shoddy nourishment needs to get all the low quality nourishment out of their home, you have to get the entirety of the entrance to web-based social networking out of your prompt region. And afterward, when that 30 days is up, you can begin to gradually reintroduce these devices over into your life, and check whether you can utilize them in a manner that benefits you, yet doesn't make you burn through a lot of time. And afterward, when you've restored that time that you were formerly squandering, looking through your Facebook and Instagram channels, you might need to commit some of it to improving your inventive critical thinking aptitudes, just as your abilities in the fields of math, science, and software engineering.

On the off chance that that is something that you would like to do, you should look at Brilliant. Splendid is a math and science enhancement instrument that adopts a staggeringly dynamic strategy to learning. So when you go into their courses, you will be quickly tossed into testing issues that drive you to truly work to discover the arrangements, and notwithstanding creatures viable approach to gain proficiency with these subjects, this methodology additionally makes you an all around better issue solver, since you need to apply exertion and inattentiveness, as opposed to only patently in taking the material, similar to you would in a talk style class. Inside Brilliant's library,you're going to discover seminars on analytics, on math for quantitative money, on likelihood, on science themes, as gravitational physics,and software engineering subjects, similar to calculations and AI. Likewise, you're additionally going to discover an inconceivably itemized wiki that covers issues from the whole way across their courses, so when you stall out on something intense, you can go destroy some profundity realizing there, and there's likewise a magnificent network region, where individuals from around the globe are continually getting each other out, and testing one another. So in the event that you wanna begin learning for nothing, today, at that point head on over to, which you'll discover in the depiction down beneath. 

in case you're one of the initial 83 individuals to join with that interface, you're likewise going to get 20% off your yearly premium membership. I wanna give a major gratitude to Brilliant for supporting this video,and being a gigantic supporter of this channel, and, as usual, folks, thank you such a great amount for viewing. On the off chance that you delighted in this video,hit that like catch, to help this channel, and you can likewise buy in that spot, to get new recordings each and every week.

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