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How to restrict copying by viewers in Facebook Page

Individuals in certain nations can download recordings to Facebook. This permits them to watch recordings on Facebook without a web association and without utilizing additional versatile information. At the point when somebody downloads a video to Facebook, the video is put away in the Facebook application, not on their cell phone.  To keep individuals from downloading your Page's recordings to Facebook:-  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.  2. Go to your Page.  3. Snap Settings at the highest point of your Page.  4. From General, click Content Distribution.  5. Snap to check the container close to Prohibit downloading to Facebook.  6. Snap Save Changes.  In the event that you decide to permit video downloading, remember that individuals can't see a video they've downloaded to Facebook if:  You erase the video from your Page.  You change the crowd of the video and they're not in the new crowd. Profiles  A profile is a put on Facebook where you can sha

When Is Your Brain Ready for Social Media?

first we know there'slots of kids on social media. According to a 2015 Common Sense Media study, an estimated 20% of kids between eight and 12 years old are using social media with or without their parents' okay. 

That same study found that those kids are spending an average of six hours a day on media like TV, video games, and social media. And keep in mind that this was from 2015, and I'm guess in' there's even more kids on social media now. And it makes sense. Half the kids I know want their own YouTube channel. You could be just like me! But when you sign up for social media, you gotta put an age in and in most cases, you have to be 13. So why is that, anyway? It's from an actual law called the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act or COPPA. 

Congress passed the law back in 1998 when Mark Zuckerberg was barely old enough to have his own social media account. Wait, was social media even a thing back then? No, it wasn't. But law makers are worried about companies or other random people online collecting information from kids like their name, phone number, and later photos and location without their parents' knowledge. 

All stuff that applies today with social media. So what makes 13 so special anyway? Well, it's not really clear. But what is clear is that it's a really easy rule to get around. But just because you can, does that mean that you should? All right, let's start with potential risks. First there's privacy issues. Companies collect and share all kinds of data from users from where you live, to the last thing that you bought online. They may even broadcast your current location. And that's something that your little brother may not be thinking about when he posts that random video on TikTok. The whole thinking around COPPA is that children are considered vulnerable group, and that they should be protected from this stuff. Unless their parents are okay with it. 

The idea is that when you're older, you've got more life experience, and you can make better decisions about what to share. We know that kids start experimenting with sharing their own data online when they're 11-13, but they don't really start to understand the risks and the consequences of what they do online until they're 14-16 years old. Then there's safety. Plain and simple. Even if you put aside all the concerns about data privacy, there's still the issue of visibility. 

can interact with strangers on social media. Kinda like all the stuff my principal was talking about when she was warning us about Myspace. Online predators, identity theft, cyber bullying, people accessing your personal information are all risks we take whenever we use social media. And then there's mental health issues to think about. After all, children's brains are still developing. A scientific study found that kids' brains are highly sensitive to acceptance and rejection. Spending all of this time in online communities may have the power to change how a kid feels about themselves. I mean, who doesn't love getting love online. 

But what about kids who feel rejected or depressed when they don't get enough? Do we really want their self-esteem to be connected to a virtual heart or thumbs up? And don't get me started on trolls. Personally, I'm like, you know, haters are gonna hate, and I'm not trying to sound cool or anything, but I guarantee a troll wouldn't say any of it to my face. That's why I hate the idea of kids taking these random internet trolls seriously. Is there gonna be cost to kids who grow up needing online approval? So all that sounds pretty bad for kids, right? But I'm talking to you right now on a social media platform. And clearly, I'm having positive impact on young minds. Now some research shows that social media can be a good things for teens. 

For example, in this study, teens reported that social media makes them feel better about themselves. They also report it makes them feel more confident and less lonely and depressed. Then there's the argument that younger teens often need social media to find support and community that they have a hard time finding face to face. One of the first examples of this is the It Gets Better movement that reached out to young queer kids. 

Kids have also used social media to get support for everything from organizing around a cause or dealing with mental illness. One young man reached out on Mine craft and was met with overwhelming support when he admitted to considering suicide. And social media can lead to more than just online friendships or support forums. 

It can also help teens mobilize around causes that they're passionate about. Research shows that active youth engagement in politics and civic issues are linked to more active engagement as adults. It helps build identity, purpose, and even health and academic pursuits. So let's use some of our data plans for building those intellectual and activist muscles, people! Common! Let's get to it! The Parkland teens used twitter to build a global movement for safer gun laws. And it's not just high school students making a big impact. 

At just 13, Alexandrian used social media to gain support for her climate protest at the UN. So looking back now, if I could give advice to 12 year old Miles, it would be forget Myspace, buy stock in Facebook. Early. But wait, this isn't about me. It's about you. So what do you think? When do you think you became mature enough to handle all the pro sand cons of social media? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Now if this video has you rethinking how you use social media, check out our other video all about the pros and cons of all that time you spend using screens. And a big shout out to our partners at Common Sense Education. 

They helped us make this video. If you're a teacher, check out their digital citizenship curriculum in the description below. So as always, support us with a like and a subscribe. Until next time, guys. Peace out. 

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